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Custom State Labels on Records

Ever wanted to add a custom status to your transactions? Sales Orders might be "Pending Approval", "Pending Billing", or "Billed", but do your business processes also include transaction states like "Validated" or "In Collections". With this SuiteScript module, you can easily display these states using the same look and feel as the native NetSuite transaction states.

SuiteScript with a Safety Net

Littering your code with try/catches everywhere can be annoying and ensuring that you have a consistent way check for, handle, and log errors can be difficult. With a simple library, you can ensure consistent error logging throughout your SuiteScript code bae

Using DataGrip with NetSuite

DataGrip is a great application from the team at JetBrains. It allows you to connect to a variety of different databases and data sources including NetSuite when you use the ODBC/JDBC drivers provided by NetSuite.

SuiteScript Function Naming

Naming functions well in our code is often challenging. With no modules to speak of in SuiteScript 1.0, these function often exist in the JavaScript global namespace. This is an easy way to namespace your functions to avoid any naming collisions.