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.map() your NetSuite Search Results

When writing SuiteScript, your code will be easier to read if you can use regular JavaScript objects rather than the script IDs for your custom field names. Using the JavaScript .map() function can help.

Pluralsight, Training for Serious Learners

There are few learning platforms that provide quality, on-demand training for such a wide variety of software development and design topics as Pluralsight.

Nested Dropdown Lists in NetSuite

Setting up dropdown lists whose values depend on the selection in another dropdown list is really straightforward in NetSuite with the help of custom records

Budgeting ... Simplified

I struggled with budgeting for years and then I found the app and the process that made it all work for me. Introducing YNAB! You Need A Budget!

What's in the Morning Sky

That moment I realized that not everyone looks up at the night sky with wonder and awe.